How to Plan a Wedding?

How to plan wedding

How to Plan a Wedding?

It’s all starts with sweet love story followed by a proposal and then a wedding. Every person desire to have a special and unforgettable wedding of their life. Most of the people find difficult while to plan for their weddings. Most of them often get confused about where to start first? Well, wedding is not a simple party, it has many stages which have to be followed in order so that you should avoid any mistakes. Every single or smaller piece of work matters the most in the weddings.

Let’s check out how to start first:

1. Set a budget:

Your wedding checklist starts with setting a budget. The wedding is not only about ” yes I Do”. It’s more than that. To make your wedding memorable, you need to set a budget so that you can plan your wedding accordingly. It’s a very special day of your life so you don’t have to be wildly extravagant or misery. Setting an idle budget will help you to plan the other wedding things.

2. Guest List:

Of course, it’s your wedding and you surely don’t want to miss any single friend or close relative of yours. Most of your wedding decisions are based on your budget. Suppose if you have booked a venue with a capacity of 100 people and then realize that you have 250 guests, what will you do then? That’s why the first thing to do while preparing for a wedding is making a guest list and send them wedding invitations so that you can book a venue as per your number of guests.

3. Venue:

The venue is the main thing where all your things in your wedding will going happen. Nowadays, people are more interested in destination weddings. Wedding venue put the biggest influence on your wedding. Whether you want a wedding in an open sky or in a ballroom of the hotel, it needs party supplies like carpet, tables, chairs, decoration things, drinks, food, chandeliers and much more that are needed to decorated your wedding venue as per your preference. It is more important to book a venue months before your wedding before anyone else, who is interested in the same venue. Make a list of your favorite wedding venues and book the one as per your need or budget.

4. Wedding Theme:

While planning a wedding, you must have decided what type of wedding you want. Whether it is fairy tale wedding or rustic wedding, you need to set a wedding theme before proceeding further. Choose  your favorite theme from a wide range of wedding themes as per your budget and which  is also easy to decorate.

5. Wedding Invitations:

The most important thing of Wedding Planning is wedding invitations.  Your wedding invitation all about your wedding style. These days, people are more interested in designer wedding cards and send their wedding invitation in style. Moreover, customized wedding cards are also going popular. So, work on your wedding invitation card with your partner or you can visit different wedding cards suppliers online from where you can pick the best invitation cards for you.

6. Research Photographers, Florists, Bands, and Caterers:

Your wedding is empty without flowers and band. Don’t you want that people will talk about your wedding for a long time. To capture the happiest moments of your big day, research for the best wedding photographers, bands, and caterers. Find the best one that fits your budget and offer high-quality pictures, great music, and delicious food.

7. Your Wedding Dress:

You must have envisioned your wedding gown in your dreams. Or you might want to wear your mother’s wedding gown, juts make sure, it should look perfect on you. Many brides often start crying on their big day because their wedding dress is not perfect. Just make sure that you should try your wedding dress two days or before of your big day so that changes can be done on time. This will save your time and off course, you don’t get panic and feel joyous on your wedding day.

8. Wedding Colors:

You must have decided wedding colors. There are many wedding colors schemes from which you can choose the best one for you.  Once you decide your wedding colors, this will help to make your stylistic decisions easy.  Your wedding colors display the best reflection of your lifestyle.

9. Wedding Cake:

The wedding party is incomplete without a wedding cake. After all, it’s a big day for both groom and bride. Before you buy any cake, it is important to taste the cake first. Most of the people customized their wedding cakes that show their love story or anything else. It is important that you should try sample wedding cakes from different bakers before months of your wedding. If you have any special idea then you can consult with your baker and asked him to prepare the same cake. Also, ask your baker to deliver the cake at the venue.

10. Choose Suitable Transportation:

Next thing in the list is how bride and groom will arrive the venue. In case, you have multiple venues, then planning your travel is necessary. You must arrange transportation in advance so that you can book your dream wedding ride. Some people like to ride to their wedding venue in a limousine car while other like to ride in horse carriages. So, in case you have any of these in your mind, book in advance.

11. Wedding Party:

What type of wedding party do you want? What type of food, you want to have for your guests? These are some question that should be given preference because the food is the thing that people love to have on weddings. Giving them the best wedding party with delicious food and wine will make your wedding unforgettable for them. So, decide with your caterers about food menu and drinks options in advance so that you can avoid the hustle in the end moment.

It makes a great sense to start planning for your wedding months before so that on your wedding day, everything will go smooth and you can enjoy your wedding the most.

Enjoy your big day!

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